From small trinkets, accessories and clothing through to mechanical components, food and chocolates, my product photography knowledge and experience delivers high quality images.

I have also had the privilege of working alongside some top chefs, and food stylists, photographing food in various studio and natural light settings.



Using the latest studio and digital equipment, I will provide a high quality service for your packshot photography needs. I have a reputation for quality, affordability and timescale, allowing you to increase the speed of which your products go to print, or to the internet.

Product Lifestyle    

I put a lot of passion into creative studio work, and am constantly trying new things and setting myself new challenges in order to create the best possible solutions for my clients. I use a combination of studio and natural lighting to achieve the desired result for product lifestyle.


What my clients say

“Julia is firstly a brilliant photographer, she not only knows exactly what we expect but her photos show off our products perfectly in both a creative sense and from a selling point of view. She has photographed our products for use on our website, for printed literature and for use by the media. Julia is also extremely personable and is able to be flexible, working to tight deadlines where a quick turnaround is required. Just fantastic!” 
— Montezumas
"Julia worked tirelessly to photograph and edit hundreds of pieces from our vintage range. She brought her own studio set-up to our office and stayed well beyond the time we expected to finish. We enjoyed having Julia with us, she offered a pricing structure that was perfect for our one-off pieces and delivered results on time."
— Heirs & Graces Jewellery