Terms and Conditions


- ‘Client’ refers to the employing person(s) or company, including third parties or agencies.

- Hiring Julia Toms Photography constitutes agreement to these terms.


- Governs the assignment in the estimate and constitutes the entire agreement.

Rights to Images:

- Client receives a specific use licence for photographs upon payment.

- Usage for marketing/self-promotion allowed; direct advertising needs separate negotiation.

- Clients can't alter images without written permission from Julia Toms Photography.

- Copyright remains with Julia Toms Photography.

- Fee includes two perpetual use licence; extra licences available for a fee.

Limitation on Third-Party Use:

- Licence granted only to the paying client, except for private residence projects. Third parties can purchase images from £30 per image.

- Third parties interested in image usage must contact Julia Toms Photography for licensing.

- Reselling or transferring images to third parties is prohibited, except for personal use by homeowners.

Licence and Third-Party Exclusions:

- Licence applies only to the ‘Client’; third-party usage needs permission from Julia Toms Photography.

- Licence activated upon payment; unauthorised use breaches UK copyright law.

Social Media Usage:

- Social media postings must credit Julia Toms Photography.

Editorial Usage:

- Separate fee for using images editorially; passing images without payment incurs double fee.

Copyright and Image Rights:

- All images remain copyrighted property of Julia Toms Photography.

- Julia Toms Photography can use images for self-promotion.

General Terms:

- Prices subject to change without notice; these terms are the sole contract.

- Terms and conditions may be revised; Julia Toms Photography is an independent contractor.

Image Credits:

- Published images must credit Julia Toms Photography as per copyright laws.


- Shoot scheduling implies property release agreement; Client presence preferred; written brief required if absent.


- No right to reject supplied images/commission based on style or composition.


- Charges incurred for cancellation or postponement; fee structure based on timing.


- Exclusive use requires separate negotiated fee; Photographer retains rights for self-promotion.

Releases and Clearance:

- Client responsible for obtaining clearances and permissions for usage.


- Basic post-processing included; additional work incurs extra charges.

Extensions to Original Fee:

- Additional expenses incurred due to alterations by the Client require additional payment.

Applicable Law:

- Governed by the laws of England & Wales.


- No variation to these terms without written agreement.